Massage & Movement: a dynamic Approach to Massage

This is the core focus of Bridges To Health Seminars. Our seminars look at ways to improve how the body moves in general and what effect injury and or illness may have on this movement. Our core seminar, Massage & Movement: a dynamic approach to massage, looks at techniques that are anatomically based and designed to help both facilitate movement and restore lost movement patterns. Many of the problems that clients come to us with involve poor mobility; restriction caused by injury, poor postural patterns, repetitive motion activities. Often these result in furthering pain and the creation of a vicious cycle of immobility issues.

In attempting to improve mobility throughout the body it is necessary to move it! Even during the massage. Our Massage & Movement seminar focuses on bringing your massage from the realm of a ‘passive’ massage to a ‘dynamic’ massage. We show you how to incorporate passive, active and pin and move techniques into your massage to release hypertonic muscles by broadening and lengthening muscle fibers, engaging weakened muscles, improve the flexibility and range of motion by locating and releasing adhesions and scar tissue and decrease pain in your clients. You will learn to fully and confidently engage your clients actively in this process. You will learn to work more easily but more effectively. This seminar will provide you with techniques that you can use tomorrow in your practice.

All of Bridges To Health Seminars incorporate this movement work. Taking the Massage & Movement class will give you a solid foundation for future seminars. Because our seminars allow for ample demonstration and hands on time it is not necessary to take seminars in any particular order.